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January 20, 2012
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Thy Princess of the Night by AllisZero Thy Princess of the Night by AllisZero
Phew. What a marathon. I've spent every waking hour since Saturday working on this, sans a few hours last night to relax a bit due to lack of sleep and, of course, the time taken to maintain my job.

I got the idea on a whim, and I certainly imagined this picture differently than what eventually came out, although I'm satisfied with the results for the most part. The driving force behind this was... "Would Lauren use this as her wallpaper?... more importantly, would I?" (I'm very picky 'bout them wallpapers). It really drove my interest in this image and prompted me to work hard and stay up late every night. While the former is wishful thinking on my part, the latter is at least taken care of.

Though I don't dislike Celestia, I like Luna the best. Not many reasons for it since my only account of her is really Luna Eclipsed (I don't care much for fanfiction), but I guess being a night owl it was bound to happen.

Hopefully I stayed faithful to her form and elegance as a princess!

1080pony for those who want that.

Thanks for the comments, by the way. I appreciate them, whether or not I reply to everypony.
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artwarrior1985 Feb 15, 2014  Student Artist
Oh wow, she is gorgeous...
My dad just set his seasonal wallpaper. I thought "I wanna get a nice winter wallpaper too." So I went to Derpibooru and searched "safe, wallpaper, winter". Thank you for a much better wallpaper than I expected. Great work, ~AllisZero :)
NicolasDominique Aug 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Damn lovely.
MareOnTheMoon Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
We...almost died at this picture. ' We art crying at this awesome picture.
THIS! This is so beautiful! o..O
Though the shading of her mane seemed odd the first few seconds, it totally fits the rest of the picture. Great job.
I'd love to use this as a background for an instrumental music track I'll upload on Youtube. Would that be okay if I credit you?

Keep up the great work!
Hey, sorry for the delay. Haven't checked my DA lately.

Yeah, go ahead. I put this under Creative Commons thinking it'd happen, so it's totally fine. Thanks, too!
this leaves me speechless <3
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